NDA Preparation Strategy Tips 2024, Subject Wise Tips and Strategy

NDA Preparation Strategy Tips 2024 have been updated on this page. Prepare for the NDA 2024 exam with a focused strategy and plan. Check the subject-wise NDA Preparation Tips for Maths and GAT here.

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NDA Preparation Strategy Tips 2024: Candidates preparing for NDA Preparation Tips 2024 are given tips to improve their readiness. For them to have an advantage over the rest, candidates must follow current NDA preparation tips and techniques. The right NDA preparation strategy should be used by the candidates so as they can pass the examination.

To improve their overall preparedness, aspirants for NDA must follow the recent syllabus, books as well as study materials in english. This will give them conceptual clarity on all topics prescribed by the authorities. Scroll down and get subject-wise tips for NDA preparation 2024 Mathematics and General Ability Test at this page with detailed study plan and strategy.

UPSC NDA Exam 2024

NDA Preparation Strategy Tips 2024

NDA Exam 2024 is a popular defense exam among aspirants who want to join Indian Army, Navy and Air Force. However, this is not a cake walk; it requires focused approach and strategy which can help a candidate to clear the exam easily. In order to do well in the written examination, they should also set up an effective time table for all the subjects.

Hence to score favorably in the exams, candidates must use proper NDA preparations books accompanied with appropriate NDA preparations strategies.

1. Analyze the NDA Syllabus and Exam Pattern

The first preparation tip for NDA is to analyze the NDA Syllabus and Exam Pattern so as to understand what the exam expects, how it’s structured in terms of questions and which topics questions usually come from. It will enable them concentrate more on the possible examination questions.

At a glance, the NDA 2024 exam is divided into two papers, that is Maths and GAT. Therefore, one needs to know about the NDA exam pattern and syllabus before starting with the preparations.

2. Clearing Out Basics

The next tip while preparing for NDA exams is that students should get full understanding on every topic mentioned in their syllabus. Students will be able to grasp complex ideas better after they have cleared their misconceptions regarding those basic topics contained within them. Few reference books are suggested as they might not lead to any doubts while preparing at any stage of preparation.

3. Choose Top Rated Books For The Preparation Of NDA Exam

As such, candidates are prompted to consider buying top-rated books and other study materials for their future course of action when sitting for NDA exams. They are supposed to go through expert recommendations as well as past year’s successful candidates’ survey results before making a decision concerning which book or resource should they buy. This will ensure that all-important concepts outlined in this syllabus are covered thereby leading to high scores during these examinations.

4. Solve Mock Tests and Previous Year Question Paper

To get an idea of the questions asked in the exam, practice questions from NDA Previous Year Question Papers and mock tests. It will help them to analyse the level of difficulty in questions and identify areas for improvement. They can learn time management skills effectively.

5. Read Newspaper and Magazines

To be up-to-date with all current happenings across the world, candidates should develop a reading habit for newspapers and magazines. Make their own notes on current affairs which they should revise regularly to obtain high marks in this examination.

6. Manage Time Effectively

When preparing for the NDA 2024 exam, it is important to manage time appropriately. As such, learning time management techniques during their NDA preparation strategy would be beneficial. They must allocate more time to topics that have a higher weightage and take frequent breaks so as not lose focus.

7. Revise Regularly

For achieving high scores in the test, one has to prepare short notes on all important topics and revise them regularly. This would enable them hold on to all concepts longer. For quick revision at last moment these short notes are very useful.

Subject-Wise NDA Preparation Tips 2024

Candidates have to be familiar with the latest NDA syllabus and exam pattern to prepare effectively for the written exam. NDA syllabus comprises of two subjects, namely Mathematics and General Aptitude Test. Thus, candidates should also focus on subject wise NDA preparation tips and strategies.

This will also help in understanding the subject in a defined manner and scoring higher marks in the exam. Here are subject wise NDA Preparation Tips 2024 for Mathematics and GAT shared below.

NDA Preparation Tips for Mathematics

Mathematics is one of the toughest sections in NDA 2024 examination. Here are the subject wise NDA preparation tips for Mathematics shared below.

  • Clear the basic concepts and advanced chapters for all the subjects.
  • Learn short-cut tricks, theorems and formulas to improve their calculating speed.
  • Solve previous year question papers and sample papers of NDA Mathematics to identify strong and weak areas.

NDA Preparation Tips for General Ability Test

General Ability Test is one of the most scoring sections in NDA 2024 exam. NDA GAT Syllabus 2024 is divided into 2 parts, i.e. Physics, English and General Awareness. NDA General Knowledge syllabus is divided into various subjects, i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Social Studies, General Science, Geography and Current Affairs. Subject-wise NDA preparation tips for General Aptitude Test are shared below.

NDA Preparation Tips for General Ability Test
Subject Subject-Wise NDA Preparation Strategy
NDA Preparation Tips for English Read newspapers and English books to reiterate grammar and vocabulary rules. Practice mock papers for better results.
NDA Preparation Tips for Physics Master the fundamentals and complex Physics topics and solve previous year question papers to understand the trending topics.
NDA Preparation Tips for Chemistry Master the basic concepts and principles of chemistry and use the notes to revise formulas and other factors.
NDA Preparation Tips for History Read NCERT books to master the basics and prepare concise notes for last-minute revision.
NDA Preparation Tips for Geography Clear basic concepts from the latest syllabus and learn maps, diagrams etc. to maximize your score.
NDA Preparation Tips for Current Events Read newspapers and current affairs to stay informed about national and international events. Make brief notes of current events for quick review.

UPSC NDA Exam 2024

Questions Weightage of NDA General Knowledge

NDA Paper II is divided into 2 phases, i.e. 1st is English (Part A) and 2nd is General Awareness (Part B). As per the official update, out of the maximum marks awarded to Part ‘B’ of this paper, The weightage of questions on Sections ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’, ‘E’ and ‘F’ will be 25%, 15%, 10%, 20%, 20% and 10% respectively. Check section-wise weightage of NDA General Knowledge subject tabulated below.

NDA General Awareness Weightage
Section Number of Questions Marks Weightage
Physics 25 100
Chemistry 15 60
General Science 10 40
History 20 80
Geography 20 80
Current Events 10 40

NDA Study Plan 2024

Candidates are advised to prepare an NDA study plan based on the latest syllabus and examination requirements. They should allot more time to the topics of greater importance to prepare well for the exam. The detailed NDA Study Scheme 2024 is shared below for reference purposes.

Weekday Focus:

Day Morning (2-3 hours) Afternoon (2-3 hours) Evening (1 hour)
Monday Maths:
Algebra/Determinants (Practice problems)
General Ability:
English (Grammar, Reading Comprehension)
Previous Day’s Topics
Tuesday Maths:
Trigonometry/Analytical Geometry
General Ability:
(Conceptual understanding)
Current Affairs:
Newspaper & News Analysis
Wednesday Maths:
General Ability:
History/Geography (Thematic approach)
Mock Test (Maths or General Ability)
Thursday Maths:
General Ability:
Chemistry/General Science (Focus on diagrams)
Week’s Topics & Identify Weak Areas
Friday Maths:
& Practice
General Ability:
English (Vocabulary building)
Next Week’s Schedule & Goal Setting


Day Morning (3-4 hours) Afternoon (2-3 hours)
Saturday Full Mock Test: Practice under timed conditions Analysis & Review: Identify mistakes & learn from them
Sunday Topic-specific Revision: Focus on weak areas & doubts Relaxation & Stress Management: Prepare for next week with a positive mindset

Best Tips to Prepare NDA Exam 2024 at Home

Candidates can prepare effectively for NDA 2024 exam at home. Here the list of NDA preparation tips 2024 at home is shared below.

  • Familiar with NDA syllabus and examination pattern.
  • Cover basic concepts and main subjects.
  • Select books and resources recommended by experts and toppers.
  • Read the newspaper regularly.
  • Attempt mock tests and past papers to strengthen the preparation.

Tips to Prepare NDA 2024 Without Coaching

Preparing for the NDA 2024 exam is a tough task, but candidates can still crack the exam with the top strategies. Here are expert recommended tips for preparing for NDA 2024 exam without coaching.

  • Check the NDA exam pattern and syllabus prescribed by the authorities.
  • Prepare a study plan depending on the importance and difficulty level of the topic.
  • Memorize current affairs every day.
  • Use online study material and resources to achieve conceptual clarity.
  • Practice questions from mock papers and previous year papers to increase your preparation level.

Tips to Prepare for NDA 2024 Online

Some of the best NDA preparation tips for online preparation of NDA 2024 exam are shared below.

  • Make use of the best online resources to gain conceptual clarity and solve unlimited questions.
  • Enroll in the Good Online ED Tech platform for expert guidance and assistance.
  • Attempt unlimited mock tests and previous year question papers to improve speed and accuracy.
  • Take regular breaks to remain focused on your preparation.

Important Topics for NDA Preparation 2024

The next suggestion for NDA preparation is that the candidate should focus on important topics while preparing for the exam. The topic wise important topics for effective NDA preparation are shared below.

NDA Important Topics 2024
Subject Important Topics
Mathematics Algebra, Matrices and Determinants, Trigonometry, Differential Calculus, Analytical Geometry of Two and Three Dimension, Integral Calculus and Differential Equations, Vector Algebra, and Statistics and Probability.
General Ability English, Physics, Chemistry, General Science, Geography, History, Freedom Movement, and Current Events.
Physics Physical Properties and States of Matter, Volume, Mass, Weight, Motion of objects, Measurement of Electrical Power, Primary and Secondary Cells, etc.
Chemistry Physical and Chemical changes. Elements, Symbols, Mixtures and Compounds, Formulae and simple Chemical Equations, Law of Chemical Combination (excluding problems). Properties of Air and Water, etc
General Science Difference between the living and non-living, Protoplasms and Tissues, Basis of Life-Cells, Growth and Reproduction in Plants and Animals, etc.
History Freedom Movement in India, Elementary knowledge of Five Year Plans of India, Elementary study of Indian Constitution and Administration, Panchayati Raj, Co-operatives and Community Development, Bhoodan, etc.
Geography The Earth, its shape and size, Concept of time. International Date Line, Lattitudes and Longitudes, Movements of Earth and their effects, etc.
Current Events Knowledge of important events that have taken place in India in recent years, important events of the present world etc.

FAQs  (NDA Preparation Strategy Tips 2024)

How to prepare for NDA 2024 examination?

To prepare well for the NDA exam, candidates should prepare an effective study plan and clear the basic concepts of all the exam-relevant subjects.

What is the latest examination date for NDA 2024?

The dates for NDA 2024 are expected to be announced soon.

What are the eligibility criteria for NDA 2024?

Candidates must be an unmarried male between 16.5 to 19 years of age and must have completed 12th class education or appeared in 12th examination in the same year. You can find the detailed eligibility norms on the official website.

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