Image Resizer

How to use our Image Resizer and Compressor Tool?

  1. Set Your Dimensions:
    • Enter the desired width and height for your image.
    • Alternatively, choose a preset size that fits your requirements perfectly.
  2. Upload Your Image:
    • Click on the “Choose File” button to upload the image you want to resize and compress.
  3. Optional Quality Adjustment:
    • Fine-tune your image by choosing the desired quality percentage. This step is optional but gives you control over the balance between file size and image clarity.
  4. Click “Resize”:
    • Once you’ve configured your preferences, hit the “Resize” button to let our tool work its magic.

In just a few simple steps, you can tailor your image to the exact dimensions you need while optionally compressing it for optimized performance. It’s quick, easy, and gives you the flexibility to achieve the perfect balance between image quality and file size. Try it now for a seamless resizing and compression experience!

Image Resizing Made Simple

Want your resume photo to fit perfectly? Or need a social media profile picture that stands out? Our Image Resizer lets you input the exact dimensions you need or choose from presets like ‘Passport Photo’ or ‘Certification Size’. You’re in control, with no need for tech expertise.

Effortless Compression for Lightning-Fast Loading

But wait, there’s more! Our tool also compresses your images, making them smaller in file size without compromising quality. It’s like magic – your visuals look great, and they load faster on websites and applications. Perfect for showcasing your portfolio or CV online.

We care about privacy

We prioritize your privacy and believe in keeping things simple and secure. Here’s our assurance: we don’t store your data.

When you use our Image Resizer and Compression tool, rest assured that any information you input – whether it’s image dimensions, quality preferences, or the images themselves – is processed in real-time without being stored on our servers.