GMAT Preparation Strategy 2024, How to Prepare for GMAT Exam ?

GMAT Preparation Strategy: GMAT is known for its high level of difficulty. However, with a strategic plan, candidates can excel in this examination with commendable marks. Scoring a high score in GMAT is mandatory to secure a seat in the best MBA colleges across the world. It also helps the candidates to secure scholarships to study abroad.

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GMAT Preparation Strategy 2024

Candidates have the option of choosing their own courses for the GMAT or attending a training center based on their academic needs. Joining a coaching institute can also help you for GMAT Exam that gives you the added benefit of getting expert guidance and makes your preparation very easy.

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Section-wise GMAT Preparation Strategy

The modified GMAT Focus Edition exam consists of three sections, namely Quantitative Reasoning, Data Insights, and Verbal Reasoning. The overall score in GMAT is determined by combining the marks from all three sections. The tips given for each GMAT section are important to take a comprehensive preparation approach to score good marks in the exam:

1. GMAT Preparation for Verbal Reasoning

The Verbal section of the GMAT Focus Edition course assesses candidates’ ability to understand written passages, assess arguments, and make corrections based on standard written English. The GMAT preparation strategy for the VR section consists of:

  • Practice multiple reading comprehension excerpts. Break each comprehension paragraph into small sections and solve one question at a time.
  • Have a clear understanding of grammatical concepts. Sentence Correction questions on the GMAT are highly challenging, often requiring a high level of analytical and logical application. It is essential to have thorough knowledge of prepositions and modifiers to select the most appropriate option.
  • Read newspaper articles regularly to strengthen language skills and quickly grasp the meaning of a paragraph. These skills are important to get good score in GMAT exam.

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2. GMAT Preparation for Data Insights 

The Data Insights section in the GMAT Focus Edition evaluates candidates’ analysis and interpretation skills of data presented in different formats. Following are the important preparation tips that candidates should follow for GMAT DI section:

  • Develop an elementary understanding of data sufficiency, two-part analysis, table analysis, graphics interpretation, and multi-source logic.
  • Develop logical reasoning skills to draw valid conclusions and identify inaccuracies in provided data.
  • Enhance mathematical and critical reasoning skills to deal effectively with quantitative elements.

3. GMAT Preparation for Quantitative Reasoning 

This section assesses the fundamental mathematical knowledge of the candidates. To perform well in this section, it is mandatory for the candidates to have a clear understanding of the mathematical concepts. GMAT preparation strategy for QR section is as follows:

  • Understand fundamental concepts in mathematics.
  • Solve questions based on each concept to identify areas of improvement and streamline the preparation strategy to increase efficiency in those areas.
  • Practice with sample papers to improve your problem-solving abilities.
  • Learn various tricks to easily solve tricky QR questions during GMAT exam.

GMAT Preparation Strategy for Beginners

Starting the GMAT preparation journey can be overwhelming, especially for beginners. However, with access to effective study materials and following a structured study plan, so that candidates can easily achieve their target in GMAT Exam. Here are some essential GMAT preparation tips to help beginners develop and enhance their knowledge and score well in the examination:

  • Thoroughly understand the topics covered on the GMAT Exam.
  • Attempt GMAT practice tests to find out areas of strength and weakness.
  • Check out official GMAT prep materials, like official guides and online question banks.
  • Get expert guidance to understand GMAT exam pattern and marking system.
  • Use the supplemental GMAT prep materials to strengthen your understanding of GMAT topics.
  • Improve time management skills by solving sample papers within a specified time frame.

Get comprehensive syllabus coverage, daily practice questions, expert notes and mock tests to strengthen time management and problem-solving skills.

GMAT Preparation Strategies to Score High Marks 

Starting GMAT preparation requires a deep understanding of the GMAT exam pattern and syllabus topics. Here are the major preparation strategies to help candidates understand the concepts efficiently, manage time effectively and enhance their performance:

1. Set a Target Score

Establish a target score that is consistent with the desired business school’s requirements. For this, candidates should analyze the GMAT average scores of their preferred B-schools of the previous academic year. This score also guides candidates during the preparation process.

2. Know GMAT Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Understand the GMAT exam structure and curriculum. Knowing these details helps candidates understand the type of questions and important topics for the exam.

3. Create Strategic Study Plan

Develop a structured study plan by allocating the time required to thoroughly cover each topic. Given the wide range of concepts, topics, theories and formulas in the GMAT syllabus, it is imperative to prepare a well-organized study plan. After developing a study plan, candidates should also concentrate on following it consistently.

4. Improve Calculation Skills

Since candidates are not allowed to use a calculator during the GMAT exam, they should mentally practice basic calculations to enhance problem-solving without the need for paper or hand calculations.

5. Select Best Study Materials

Carefully select GMAT preparation books that correspond to the topics of the course. Candidates are advised to prepare for the GMAT by including the official GMAT guide and an online question bank. Candidates can join GMAT online coaching to access carefully created study material including expert notes, sample papers, daily practice papers and mock tests.

6. Attempt Mock tests

Take GMAT practice tests and mock tests online to understand the exam environment and hone time management skills. After completing the test series, candidates must evaluate their performance to determine their strengths and areas for improvement.

7. Effectively Select GMAT Exam Time

Before starting GMAT preparation, candidates schedule their applications for their preferred B-school. Since GMAT is held throughout the year, candidates should carefully choose the exam time according to their college application schedule.

FAQs (GMAT Preparation Strategy)

How long does GMAT preparation take?

Candidates need about 2-3 months to prepare for GMAT exam.

What's the best way to prepare for GMAT?

To start GMAT preparation, it is recommended that candidates understand the exam pattern and syllabus. Furthermore, they should refer to sample papers and official test series to enhance their problem-solving skills.

What is the most difficult part of the GMAT?

Quantitative Reasoning is the most difficult part of the GMAT.

What GMAT score do I need for Harvard?

For admission into Harvard University, candidates must score 700+ in the GMAT.

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