AP ICET Syllabus 2024, Exam Pattern, Check Section-wise Topics and Detailed Curriculum

AP ICET Syllabus 2024: APSCHE will specify the AP ICET 2024 syllabus, including the subjects from which questions will be asked. By knowing the AP ICET Exam Syllabus 2024, candidates get to know about the specific subjects they need to score well. As in keeping with professional commands, the APICET question paper incorporates three sections: Analytical Ability, Mathematical Ability, and Communication Ability. Each phase assesses applicants’ skills in wonderful areas, making sure a thorough assessment of their talents. Read this article to know more about the important topics, sections etc. of AP ICET exam 2024.

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AP ICET Syllabus 2024

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APSCHE decides the AP ICET exam syllabus every year. To perform properly in AP ICET 2024, applicants have to attention on learning the particular topics blanketed in the syllabus. Expected AP ICET 2024 exam date is last week of May. As per the examination pattern, the duration of the examination will be 150 minutes. Within this time limit, candidates will have to answer 200 MCQs based on the course topics.

AP ICET Syllabus 2024

The AP ICET 2024 examination will be conducted in online mode, with a duration of 150 minutes. Aspirants preparing for Andhra Pradesh Integrated Common Entrance Test (AP ICET 2024) must check the official AP ICET exam syllabus from the table below. Candidates can know section-wise important topics related to Andhra Pradesh ICET Syllabus 2024.

AP ICET 2024 Syllabus Overview

AP ICET 2024 syllabus is structured into three sections, each containing different topics. The table below presents an overview of the syllabus:

Section Subjects
Analytical Ability Data Sufficiency
Communication Ability Vocabulary
Functional Grammar
Business and Computer Terminology
Reading Comprehension
Mathematical Ability Arithmetical Ability
Algebraical and Geometrical Ability
Statistical Ability

AP ICET Syllabus 2024 for Analytical Ability

The Analytical Aptitude section comprises two sub-sections, namely Data Sufficiency and Problem Solving. The questions in this section evaluate the efficiency of the candidates in understanding and analyzing the data provided to solve the given question.

Detailed AP ICET syllabus for Analytical Aptitude is given below:

AP ICET Syllabus for Data Sufficiency

In this section, the questions are structured as follows:

  • A question is given along with two supporting statements – (i) and (ii).
  • Candidates need to ensure that either one, both or none of the given statements is sufficient to answer the question.
  • Candidates will have to select their response from the four options given for each question.

AP ICET Syllabus for Problem Solving

In the Problem Solving section, candidates should focus on the following topics to increase their preparation:

Topics Sub-Topics
Data Analysis
  • Bar diagrams
  • Graphs
  • Tables
  • Venn Diagrams
  • Pie Charts
  • Passages
Date, Time & Arrangement Problems
  • Blood relations
  • Seating Arrangements
  • Calendar and clock-based problems
  • Arrivals, departures, and schedules
  • Symbol and notation
Sequence and Series
  • Identifying odd items
  • Analogies of numbers and alphabets
  • Sequences or series
  • Completing blank spaces
Coding and Decoding
  • Decoding or encoding
  • Pattern in English

AP ICET 2024 Syllabus – Communication Ability

The Communication Ability section assesses the proficiency of the candidates in communicating in English language. It requires candidates to solve questions related to vocabulary, grammar, words and phrases in everyday conversation and professional contexts.

The following points explain the detailed AP ICET syllabus for the Communication Competencies section:

  • Vocabulary: Identify terminology used in everyday communication.
  • Functional grammar: Gain insight into the practical application of English grammar in both business and everyday communication to effectively convey ideas and messages with clarity and precision.
  • Business and Computer Glossary: Identify fundamental terminology and concepts in computer and business contexts, including reports, agendas, letters, memos, and minutes.
  • Reading Comprehension (4 Paragraphs): To understand the given passage and answer the questions as per the context of the passage.

AP ICET Syllabus 2024 for Mathematical Ability

The Mathematical Aptitude section comprises three sections, namely Algebraic and Geometrical Ability, Arithmetic and Statistics. These sections contain a total of 55 questions. The syllabus of Mathematical Aptitude section in AP ICET consists of the following important topics:

Topics Sub-topics 
  • Laws of indices
  • Surds
  • Ratio and proportion
  • L.C.M and G.C.D
  • Numbers and divisibility
  • Ordering
  • Rational numbers
  • Partnership
  • Percentages
  • Areas and volumes
  • Pipes and cisterns
  • Profit and loss
  • Modular arithmetic
  • Time, distance, and work problems
  • Mensuration
Algebra and Geometry
  • Truth tables
  • Tautologies-sets
  • Statements
  • Relations and functions
  • Implication converse and inverse
  • Trigonometric ratios
  • Linear equations
  • Trigonometric identities
  • Remainder theorem
  • Polynomials
  • Progressions
  • Triangles
  • Binomial Theorem
  • Matrices
  • Notion of a limit and derivative
  • Coordinate geometry
  • Plane geometry
  • Quadrilaterals
  • Circles
  • Mean
  • Mode
  • Median
  • Correlation
  • Frequency distributions
  • Probability
  • Standard Deviation

AP ICET Exam Pattern 2024 Overview

AP ICET examination is conducted in online CBT mode. In the AP ICET examination, a total of 200 questions are presented to the candidates, and they are allotted 150 minutes to complete the entire examination. Given below is the detailed AP ICET Exam Pattern 2024:

Section Topic No. of Questions Marks
A Analytical Ability 75 75
B Mathematical Ability 75 75
C Communication Ability 50 50

The marking structure of AP ICET examination is given below:

  • +1 mark is provided for each correct answer.
  • No negative marking is applied for wrong answers or questions not attempted.
  • Selecting more than one option is considered as an incorrect answer.
  • The medium of examination is English and Telugu for Sections A and B, while for Section C it is only English.

How to Cover AP ICET Syllabus 2024?

Upon reviewing the official exam syllabus for AP ICET 2024, candidates can cover the entire syllabus comprehensively by following the following guidelines:

  • Identify the important topics in the AP ICET syllabus and understand the concepts thoroughly.
  • Master important formulas related to AP ICET syllabus topics.
  • Start your exam preparation by solving simple questions on each topic before moving on to more challenging topics.
  • Increase your vocabulary by including 5 to 6 new words in your daily learning routine and using them in sentences to reinforce their meaning and usage.
  • Practice solving 4 to 5 reading comprehension questions every day.
  • After covering the AP ICET 2024 curriculum, it is beneficial to practice solving previous year AP ICET question papers. This practice helps to become familiar with the exam format and pattern, which is important to increase both sectional and overall scores.
  • Furthermore, solving previous question papers helps candidates to enhance their time management skills.

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FAQs (AP ICET Syllabus 2024)

Is the APICET exam syllabus comprehensive?

Yes, the syllabus of APICET exam is broad in nature. Most of the subjects in the APICET syllabus will be of class 12 and graduation level. For APICET exam, it is important for the test takers to work on conceptual clarity rather than surface level preparation.

What is the level of difficulty of Mathematical Aptitude in APICET Exam?

The difficulty level of Mathematical Aptitude in APICET exam is difficult and time consuming.

How many questions will consist of AP ICET 2024?

The AP ICET exam presents 200 questions from various sections of the syllabus subjects.

How many sections are there in AP ICET curriculum 2024?

The AP ICET 2024 syllabus comprises of subjects from three sections, namely: Analytical Ability, Mathematical Ability and Communication Ability.

How many comprehension sections are there on the AP ICET exam?

The AP ICET exam includes four reading comprehension passages.

Is the APICET exam syllabus detailed?

Yes, the syllabus of APICET exam is broad, covering subjects from class 12 and graduation level.

What is the difficulty level of Mathematical Aptitude in AP ICET examination?

The Mathematical Ability section in AP ICET exam is considered challenging and time consuming.

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